Basic Tips for Buying a Baby Gift

A relative or a close friend has recently become a mother or a father to a new baby? Congratulations! You have all the reasons in the world to be happy for him/her. Yet now you have to buy a gift. The following tips will make it much easier for you to find the most suitable gift for the occasion.

How close you are to the baby’s parents

If we are talking about family of a close friend, your must not buy a perfunctory gift. A suitable baby gift for someone close can include a bedding set or a carrycot. If the gift is for a colleague from work or a neighbor, then you can settle for something more modest or even symbolic, for example a clothing set for the first weeks a towel or a toy.

Determining baby Gender through IVF

Previous generations of parents were notified about their baby’s gender after he / she was born. Due to advances in technology, soon enough it became possible and quite simple to predict the baby’s gender in the womb by a simple ultrasound examination.

Some parents still choose to remain in the dark by not finding out about their future baby’s sex, but they are a minority. Most parents today know in advance with little room for surprises whether they will have a boy or a girl.

The  IVF / PDG Procedure to Determine Baby Gender

Unfortunately, the ability to select the baby’s sex has not developed as fast as the ability to predict it. Most current scientific measure to determine baby gender promises no more than 70-80 per cent success. There is only one procedure which guarantee 100% success rates, and it is performed through IVF (In vitro fertilization).

Genetic Determines Baby Gender

The male genetic composition plays a key role in determining baby gender according to a research that has recently been carried out by New Castle University in the UK. The research indicates a strong connection between baby gender and the male family history that goes back hundreds of years.

The findings of the research are simple and straight forward: In retrospect, if your ancestors’ families were composed mainly of males, then your chances of being a father to boys increase dramatically. If there were more females in those families, then you should expect a baby girl. Genetics will determine your baby gender.

The Ericsson method to Determine Baby Gender

Most soon to be parents are anxious to know what the sex of their baby will be.

They may wait until birth or have an amniocentesis done to determine baby gender. Men and women have been using countless techniques to try to increase the odds for one gender over another for eons. In medieval times, men would tie or even remove one testicle thinking that the sperm for a girl or boy came from separate testicles.

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The Ericsson method is based on is collecteing sperm from the father and inserting it into a cone-containing albumin. The lab technicians centrifuge, clean, thin out, and place the sperm in a test tube.

Sperm Sorting Method to Determine Baby Gender

Many couples who want to have the choice of the sex of their baby do so for many reasons.There may be hereditary issues such as hemophilia that affects mostly boy babies. In addition, he choice of having more than one child may be limited in countries such as China. There can be many explanations as to why parents want to determine baby gender. There are various ways the sex of a child can be swayed with a little scientific intervention.

One of the scientific ways to determine baby gender is sperm sorting. Originally the sperm sorting method was used to control the sex of cattle calves. Vets achieve this by taking advantage of the contrast in size of the X and Y chromosomes.

Scientific Procedures to Determine Baby Gender

Throughout the ages, people have tried to influence the gender of the fetus in its moment of conception. History is marked by many methods that gave rise to endless attempts at gender selection with low success rates. It all changed when modern science got into the picture. Today, science offers parents the opportunity to determine baby gender. For your benefit, I will elaborate on a few of the major scientific procedures that will help you call the shots when it comes to your future baby’s gender. So if you are interested in knowing how to have a boy or a girl, I suggest reading this article carefully.

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How to Predict Baby Gender: From Traditional Methods to the Ultrasound

Is it a boy or a girl? This is the one million dollars question for many parents, especially for those who are interested in determining their baby gender. In the past there were various methods to predict baby gender. Of course they became less relevant with the arrival of the ultrasound which enables in a close to 100% accuracy to know if you are going paint the room pink or blue. Yet you should know that the ultrasound can be used to predict your baby gender starting from the 16th week.

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How to Determine Baby Gender: Some Traditional Methods

Luckily, today there are excellent scientific methods of how to determine baby gender. Although they do not guarantee 100 % success, these gender selection methods are based on extensive scientific research and data and are proven to be quite accurate.

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However, during my research on this topic, I also discovered that side by side with the rational scientific methods, there is a whole body of traditional methods that are also meant to give parents guidelines of how to determine the baby gender. In this article, I will reveal some of the major traditional methods I ran across while I was engaging in my private research. Some of these methods may sound strange and even funny to the 21st century reader.

The IVF/PGD Technique to Determine Baby Gender

For many people finding out they are pregnant is the happiest time of their lives.

Their lives are about to change in ways they never imagined as they look forward to the future of their new family. One question may come to mind: is it possible to determine baby gender before conception?

There are scientific ways to determine baby gender; one of them is the IVF/PGD Technique. This method requires artificial fertilization, where eggs retrieved from the mother are fertilized with the father’s sperm in the lab. The fertilized embryos are then separated according to their sex.

My success story in determining the gender of my youngest child.