Determining baby Gender through IVF

Previous generations of parents were notified about their baby’s gender after he / she was born. Due to advances in technology, soon enough it became possible and quite simple to predict the baby’s gender in the womb by a simple ultrasound examination.

Some parents still choose to remain in the dark by not finding out about their future baby’s sex, but they are a minority. Most parents today know in advance with little room for surprises whether they will have a boy or a girl.

The  IVF / PDG Procedure to Determine Baby Gender

Unfortunately, the ability to select the baby’s sex has not developed as fast as the ability to predict it. Most current scientific measure to determine baby gender promises no more than 70-80 per cent success. There is only one procedure which guarantee 100% success rates, and it is performed through IVF (In vitro fertilization).

pick the gender of your baby

The IVF procedure is based on fertilizing the female’s ovule outside the womb. After it was fertilized, the doctor waits for it to divide into 8 cells which are analyzed individually. Analysis reveals the chromosome composition of each cell and thus whether it will develop into a male or a female embryo. This process is scientifically called Preimplantation genetic diagnosis – PDG.

After the gender of each cell is determined, the doctor will implant the fertilized cells of the desired sex back in the uterus.

The Downsides and Risks of the IVF Procedure

Although The IVF procedure promises full success regarding gender selection, it is not devoid of medical risks. There is a slight chance that overexposing the ovaries to medicines that induce ovulation may cause them to swell and may also lead to fluid accumulation in the abdomen. In addition, IVF treatments include general anesthesia which in itself entails risks. The most serious risk by far is multiple pregnancy that may lead to preterm birth.

The IVF treatment is not easy for the mother as well. She will have to go through a complex hormonal treatment and the process of egg extraction from the ovaries can be quite painful.

So as parents, you should carefully consider whether you are interested in going through all these hardships and risks just for the sake of determining your baby gender. There are easier and safer scientific methods with good chances of success.